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An occasional look at the roles of our Woking dental team

Dentist Andrew GoughMost of our blogs have been either about general dental care or specific treatments that we offer. These will continue, but we thought that it might be interesting for our patients to have a look at some of the specific roles carried out by individual dentists at our clinic.

In today’s blog, we will take a look at the role of Dr Andrew Gough who has been with us since the late 1980’s.

He is therefore one of our longest standing dentists and many of our patients will be familiar with him and his approach.

Making it fun

Can dentistry be fun? Most patients would probably disagree, but Andrew believes that it can be so and prides himself on his work with both children and older patients who are anxious about receiving dental treatment. With care, patience and the ability to explain clinical procedures clearly, many patients of a nervous disposition now find that they can see the dentist, if not actually looking forward to it, at least then with greatly reduced anxiety levels.

Smile makeovers

Andrew takes special interest in providing smile makeovers for his patients. Each patient is assessed individually to determine what treatments they need. This can range from something relatively straightforward such as a teeth whitening procedure, to more extensive treatment like dental veneers. All procedures are discussed and of course no pressure is placed on them to have any particular cosmetic procedure.

In addition to smile makeovers, Andrew is fully trained to provide wrinkle-reduction and dermal fillers for patients who wish to help roll-back the signs of facial aging.

Dental implants

We have discussed dental implants in previous blogs and the importance of having them placed by someone with experience in this procedure. Anybody due to receive teeth implants from Andrew will be pleased to know that he has been placing them for over 16 years now, helping patients with strong and secure teeth replacement.

Like many dentists, Andrew believes that implants are an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth. Although dentures and bridges have been used for a long time, they do come with some issues. Both dentures and bridges lack a replacement tooth root which has two key effects. Despite best efforts, neither dentures or a bridge can offer the level of strength that a healthy natural tooth or a dental implant can. The lack of a tooth root also means that the bone in that area of the jaw will be reabsorbed by the body for use elsewhere. This causes facial shape changes over time which can cause an older appearance and may even lead teeth adjacent to the gap, becoming crooked. This is also a factor in why some people find that dentures become loose over time.

Andrew is able to place implants to either replace individual missing teeth or where a number of consecutive teeth are missing. Rather than replace each tooth individually; where this is the case, a few implants may be placed and instead, used to secure a fixed bridge of teeth. This can also be done where a full arch of teeth are missing and either a fixed bridge or adapted dentures can be used to replace the missing teeth.

To make sure that potential implant patients are suitable, Andrew will first arrange a free consultation. This is a useful opportunity for the patient to understand more clearly what the procedure entails and allows them to ask any questions that they may have. Finance options can also be discussed during this appointment.

The next step is to take x-rays and scans to determine the level of bone structure available. As the implant is placed into the bone, it is important that there is sufficient of it available to hold it securely in place. Where there isn’t, there are options available including a bone graft or sinus lift, depending on the location and situation.

For patients who don’t wish to undergo these additional procedures, we are always happy to discuss the various other teeth replacement options that we offer at your local Woking dentists.

As with all of our dentists, you will find that Andrew offers a friendly and reassuring approach to dental care and you will be treated courteously and in a calm and relaxed manner.

If you would like to meet Andrew (or any of our other dentists) to discuss your oral care, either in general or for specific requirements, we are always happy to see both existing and new patients. Appointments can be made on the following numbers, Parkside – 01483 766355 or Waterside – 01932 352333.

Dr Andrew Gough – GDC number 62919

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