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Although well known as a cosmetic dental practice, we also offer NHS dentistry for essential oral health care

Children with parentsThe NHS has been in the news a lot recently, predominantly connected to the Covid-19 situation. Many of us will have stood at our doors clapping those working under great duress, putting themselves at risk in some cases, to save lives.  The NHS has been around for just under 70 years now and has found a special place in a lot of people’s hearts, especially those whose lives have been saved by it.

Although it may not hit the same headlines as those working in hospitals, NHS dental care has also been very important for us all; providing essential oral care in an affordable manner to everyone. We are pleased to say that we are able to provide NHS dentistry at Synergy Parkside as part of our belief that everyone should have access to this service.

What does NHS dentistry cover?

It might seem that a lot of emphasis is put on advanced cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth implants or even teeth whitening. These offer some very significant benefits to those who have these procedures. Although NHS dental treatments aren’t likely to provide the same cosmetic improvements to your smile, they do help everyone to have a healthy and functioning set of teeth and gums. This not only helps to maintain a good quality of life, but, as studies are increasingly showing, helps to protect other aspects of our general health as well.

The most fundamental basic of NHS care is the 6 monthly check up. This means that everyone can have their oral health monitored on a regular basis. Not only does this mean that common problems such as decay can be detected and treated at an early stage, but more serious and complex issues such as mouth cancer can also be spotted early on, allowing for early treatment which provides a better chance of recovery.

Should I go NHS or Private?

This is a question that we are often asked and it is important that patients understand the difference so that they can make an informed decision. Essentially, NHS dental care entitles you to treatments, at a reduced cost, that restore any damage to your teeth, in addition, of course, to preventative care such as examinations and x-rays. This should enable you to have functional teeth, allowing you to eat comfortably and efficiently.

What NHS dentistry does not do is to help you improve your smile. Orthodontics are a good case in point. Whilst you can have braces on the NHS, this is only where they are causing significant practical problems. Teeth that are otherwise healthy but mildly crooked are not eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment.

This is an example of where private dental care comes into its own. The reality is that NHS dentistry has a fixed pool of money to work with. If treatments like dental implants etc were to be included in this, the ‘pot’ would need to be raised very significantly indeed. This would mean that taxes would have to be increased to be able to provide this. It can be argued that this would be a good thing to do, but this is down to politics and, as dentists, we can state our case but are obliged to follow decisions that are taken.

We do understand that some patients think that private care is expensive, but the reality is that cosmetic treatments can really improve the way that your teeth look, often boosting confidence in the process.  Yes, dental implants, for example, are more expensive than dentures, but given a choice of secure fixed teeth or a prosthetic which some find uncomfortable and is less stable, an increasing number of people are deciding that a little extra expenditure is a good investment.

Finance plans

To help you spread payments for any private/cosmetic treatment, our Woking patients can take advantage of the finance plans that we offer. These can be spread over a period of up to a year and enable you to have the benefits of a cosmetic treatment for a more affordable amount of money paid monthly. As there is no interest to pay using these plans, your total cost will be the same as if you had paid at the time. Offering these plans has allowed many of our patients to have a great looking smile which they may not have had if they had had to pay for it in one installment.

At Synergy Parkside, we are happy to see both NHS and private patients and you can be sure to receive good oral care whichever option you choose. If you are undecided which route to take, we are happy to discuss this with you and explain our finance plans in more detail too. As NHS places can sometimes be limited, we do encourage you to call to enquire in the first instance.

To register with our Woking dental practice, you can call us on 01483 766355.

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