Thinking Of Having Dental Implants?

Woking implant dentist, Dr Andrew Gough, explains why this tooth replacement method is growing in popularity

Single front dental implantIt’s a new year and most of us, including all of us at Synergy Parkside, will be hoping that it will be a far better one than the one that has just passed.

2021 does promise some eventual relief from the virus which has restricted our lives and caused numerous tragedies across the world.

During this time, many of us will also have been working from home for much of this time and one benefit of this is that some of us may find that we have saved quite a bit of money as we have had limited opportunities to spend it.

No doubt, as we come out of this situation, some of this ‘spare’ money will be spent on clothes, holidays etc, but it could also provide a great opportunity to have dental implants placed at your Woking dental clinic to replace any missing teeth that you have.

Denture problems

A common solution to missing teeth are dentures, and whilst some people seem quite happy with them, it is fair to say that many are not. Although dentures look more natural than they used to do, they can cause a few problems for some people who wear them. Because dentures only replace the crown section of the tooth, and not the root, they compromise on stability and this can cause them to move around in the mouth to some degree. The issues caused by this can range from mild annoyance and perhaps some soreness of the gums as they move around, to embarrassing moments during conversation as they fall out or cause speech issues.

Eating can also be problematic and many denture wearers find that they avoid foods that are more difficult to chew or become stuck to their dentures and cause problems. This is especially likely if you are eating out with friends or business colleagues and can be quite embarrassing.

Dental bridges

One alternative to dentures is to have a bridge. This consists of a replacement tooth that is held in place by two crowns on either side of it. These are attached to the teeth either side of the gap and do offer a more stable and stronger option than dentures. The ‘downside’ of this method is that, unlike dentures, it does require invasive treatment. For most patients though, the main drawback is that in order to fit the crowns to hold the replacement tooth in place, it is necessary to prepare and shape the teeth either side of the gap so that they can be fitted. Understandably, some patients are reluctant to have this done to teeth that are otherwise healthy.

Dental implants

I have been providing dental implants now for over 16 years and am happy to recommend these as the ideal tooth replacement method for most patients. Although placing them does require a sophisticated treatment, it is a one off one that will provide you with a replacement tooth that can last for 20 years or more and should require little or no treatment afterwards providing that you look after them as instructed.

In addition to looking natural, dental implants also offer an increased level of stability and strength. Once fully integrated, you should be able to eat any food that you want without difficulty and also hold conversations and laugh in the knowledge that the replacement tooth is securely anchored in your mouth. The reason for this excellent stability is that a tooth implant essentially replaces the lost root of the tooth and can be seen as a direct replacement for this. Once this is secure, a crown will be added that matches the natural appearance of your teeth.

Whilst having dental implants placed does require minor surgery, this is not something that you should be afraid of. Our experienced and caring team will do all that we can to keep you as comfortable as possible during the treatment and we are always more than happy to discuss the treatment and address any concerns that you might have.

Implants can be used to replace individual missing teeth or multiple teeth. In the case of multiple teeth, this may be done using a few implants to secure a fixed bridge of replacement teeth; sometimes called ‘all on 4’, or ‘Teeth In A Day’.

If you have a missing tooth or currently wear dentures and would like to find out how Synergy Parkside in Woking can help you, please call us to arrange an initial consultation with one of our implant dentists on 01483 766355.

Dr Andrew Gough – GDC number 62919

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