Take Care With Cheap Dental Implant Offers

Lower priced dental implants may not be all that they seem!

Implant in the jaw boneWith dental implants increasingly becoming the number one option to replace lost teeth, it isn’t really surprising that many people look around for a bargain. Whilst this makes sense, from a financial point of view, it is also important to look at other factors as well.

As anyone who has bought a lookalike counterfeit product because it was cheaper will know, it may look the same, but the quality definitely won’t be.

Although when this is applied to clothes or bags, it is annoying when they deteriorate prematurely, when it comes to something like a dental implant, things can be much more serious.

Who supplies cheaper dental implants?

Though it might be possible to find a dental practice that is offering a time limited offer on implants, you are likely to find that prices for placing dental implants are not dissimilar across the UK. Where the real savings are to be made, these are usually at clinics overseas. This throws up an instant problem in that it means that you will have to travel to have the procedure done, potentially at a significant cost as flying will often be necessary. There have been cases where clinics have included the price of a flight and a hotel room in the price. To be able to place an implant and provide a flight and accommodation cheaper than a dental implant alone in the UK, should really set alarm bells ringing!

How can they be cheaper abroad?

There are a number of reasons why implants might be cheaper abroad than in the UK. One legitimate reason is where the cost of living in that country is significantly cheaper. Any savings made in this way though are likely to be easily offset by any travel and accommodation costs.

There are other, more worrying reasons though.

One reason why implants in the UK are not cheap is that they require special experience to place. This can only be done by additional studies of two or more years on top of a dentist’s regular training period. Whilst there are some excellent dentists abroad, it is quite possible that a significant number of them will fall well below the standards of those in the UK who have undergone this training.

This means that whilst you might have implants placed cheaper, this ‘bargain’ comes with additional risks. If an implant is not placed correctly, or into the mouth of an unsuitable patient, there is a real risk not only of the implant failing, but of the patient being in significant discomfort. It can be difficult to discern what qualifications a dentist has got, especially if you don’t fully understand them or don’t speak the language. This is why we feel it is safer, and often more successful, to have your implant placed in the UK.

Quality of implants used

Dental implants need to be made of suitable materials, such as titanium or zirconium in order for them to fuse with the bone into which that have been placed, a process known as osseointegration. This is an essential part of the process and means that the replacement tooth is held in place extremely securely and it is this that gives implants their security and longevity.

It is quite possible that some special offers are viable simply because they have cut corners on the materials used. Even when placed by the most highly qualified dentist, an inferior quality tooth implant that isn’t made of a suitable material will fail and your replacement tooth will be lost.


All patients of the Synergy Parkside in Woking will be asked to have the health of their implant checked at regular intervals. This is largely to check for problems such as periodontitis or peri-implantitis that could cause implant failure. Although this particular procedure has a very high success rate; like any medical procedure, there are always risks, and good aftercare and supervision can help to minimise these.

Imagine then if the dentist that placed your implants was several thousand miles away and you had concerns about the implant or were experiencing discomfort. It would be expensive to return there to have them looked at, and, in reality, would you want to return to the dentist if they had made an error?

We do appreciate that implants are not the cheapest way to replace missing teeth, but they are the best way if you want to have replacement teeth that are natural looking, as well as being extremely strong and secure.  Our Woking patients can take advantage of the payment plans that we offer to help them to have a safe and successful procedure without the risks of going abroad to have treatment done by an unknown dentist.

If you would like to see one of the implant dentists at Synergy Parkside, please call us on 01483 766355 (Parkside) or 01932 352333 (Waterside). We look forward to seeing you!

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