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Taking Care Of New Dental Implants

Advice to help our Woking patients maintain healthy and long lasting tooth replacements. Dental implants are becoming widely known and more people are turning to them when they have lost teeth, rather than opting for more traditional dentures. There are

Your Teeth Whitening Options In Woking

Synergy Parkside cosmetic dentist, Dr Alay Zaidi, looks at which of these might work for you With Spring almost here and hopefully the final lockdown slowly coming to an end, it is fair to say that most of us are

Time To Consider Stopping Smoking?

With the latest lockdown hopefully coming to an end, is now a good time to quit smoking for good? Although, as the experts say, we are not out of the woods yet, there is no doubt that things are looking

Dental Filling Options In Woking

Teeth damaged by decay or breakages can often be restored using fillings, but which is the right one for you? Perhaps the most well known dental treatment is the filling. Most of us will probably have had at least one

Root Canal Surgery Explained

What to expect when you are told you need this type of treatment? Everybody has heard of root canal treatment, with many believing it as one of the most painful things imaginable. How truthful is this though? The fact is

Thinking Of Having Dental Implants?

Woking implant dentist, Dr Andrew Gough, explains why this tooth replacement method is growing in popularity It’s a new year and most of us, including all of us at Synergy Parkside, will be hoping that it will be a far

Oral Health New Year Resolutions

Woking dentist, Jaymish Patel, offer some suggestions for 2021 Few of us will be sorry to see the end of this year and will be hoping for a more positive 2021. There are still some challenges ahead for sure, whether

Neglecting Your Gum Health? There Could Be Trouble Ahead….

Woking dental hygienist, Shamini Ravichandra, explains why you should look after your gum health It is probably fair to say that when people think about common dental problems, they tend to think of tooth decay, and, for the more nervous

2021 – A Year For Optimism And A Brand New Smile?

We’re all hoping for a better year ahead. Why not start yours with a smile makeover from our Woking dentists? Without a doubt, for many of us 2020 will have been the worst year in our memory. Much has been

Will The Second Lockdown Affect Our Woking Patients?

Dental care availability at our Surrey practice A week ago today, the country entered its second lockdown to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We all hoped that it wouldn’t come to this but it became clear that