Our Woking Dental Practice Is Open!

Welcoming patients back for treatment

Dentist in surgeryIt has probably felt like an eternity for some, and especially those of you who have suffered dental problems that did not qualify for urgent emergency care.

Troublesome teeth can seem all consuming and even a relatively short wait for treatment can seem like forever. For those who have had to wait almost three months, it has probably been a very difficult time indeed.

The good news is that we have now opened our practice again following the lockdown. This means that you can finally start to receive treatment again and we look forward to seeing you all as we try to catch up on lost time. There will, of course, be some changes with how we operate and we will cover some of these factors in today’s blog.


Our reception team is now awaiting your phone calls for appointments but please do bear in mind that we may not be able to see you as quickly as we did before the pandemic. There are a lot of operational changes being made which are likely to reduce the number of patients that we are able to see each day. Our Woking dental practice team will obviously do all that they can, but the safety of our staff and patients must come first.

We will also be doing our best to see those of you who are in more urgent need of dental care. We certainly don’t want you to suffer unnecessarily and will do what we can to treat you as a priority. To the rest of you, please bear with us whilst we work our way through the most urgent cases. We are sure that you would want us to do this if it was yourself that was suffering.


Many of you will be aware that PPE (personal protective equipment) has been very difficult to source in hospitals and  care homes. This also applies to dental practices too. PPE is essential for the safety of us all so we are continually doing our best to access enough to keep the practice running smoothly.

Although our dental team have previously worn disposable masks and gloves, the PPE that you will see our dentists wearing is more restrictive and this is likely to make it more difficult for them to hold their normal conversations with you. We hope that you don’t find this too impersonal and ask you to please remember that we are still the same friendly dental team that you know from your previous visits to our practice, even with our protective clothing.

There is a chance that some of you who find visiting your dentist a somewhat frightening experience and usually appreciate the relaxing pre treatment conversation, will find this new look a little off putting.  Please don’t let this deter you from coming for treatment though, or even for a check up. As anyone who has read our blogs will know, any dental problem that is left too long and not treated will almost certainly worsen and may require more extensive treatment.

We are determined that anyone who is anxious about seeing the dentist is able to do so in as relaxed a manner as possible. With the PPE worn, communication may not be as straightforward as before and there is also a possibility that general lockdown anxiety has made the prospect worse for some people. If you are worried about your return to see us, we are always happy to discuss in order to help you attend your appointment with minimal concerns.

Home care and waiting for appointments

As we mentioned briefly earlier, the various restrictions in place means that it may be a little longer than ideal before you can see one of our dentists.  It is therefore important that you take good care of your teeth in the meantime. Hopefully, you already do so, but please continue to brush your teeth both morning and night and use dental floss to clean between your teeth to help avoid problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease).

Things are slowly starting to return to some sort of normality at last and we are looking forward to seeing you all again at the Synergy Parkside Dental Centre. Although there may be some changes, at least for a while, it is good to be finally opening our doors again.

If you would like to contact us for an appointment or a general enquiry, you can do so by calling us on 01483 766355. Our team looks forward to seeing you soon.

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