Looking After Your Teeth During The Prolonged Stay At Home

Advice from our Woking dentists about keeping your teeth healthy whilst ‘isolating’.

Taking care of your teethHopefully, all of our patients are following government instructions and staying at home wherever possible. These are challenging times for everybody and boredom and anxiety are likely to be problems for a lot of people.

Whilst the key health issue here is obviously the Covid-19 virus and hopefully avoiding it, we also urge patients of the Synergy Parkside dental practice practice to continue to look after their teeth as well as possible during this extended period at home.

There are some potential pitfalls for our oral health in the weeks and months ahead, but with a little thought and care, most of us will be able to keep our teeth healthy for when this difficult period is behind us.

The basics

Make sure that you have the essentials available. This includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. You should be able to get most of these from the shop when you do your other essential shopping. If not, with a bit of searching, you should be able to find these online. If possible, try to keep a spare toothbrush or make sure that you have replacement heads for an electric brush. If you suspect that you have any symptoms, you should throw away your old toothbrush or change the head of the electric one when the infection has passed. This will help to avoid re-infection if that is possible and also helps avoid infecting others who use the bathroom with you.

Your routine

Many of us will have drastically changed routines for the next several weeks. This can cause us to forget to do things that we usually do. For example, brushing our teeth might be the last thing we do in the morning before leaving for work. If you are now working from home or are temporarily out of work, try to write down a routine that works for you and creates one where you brush your teeth after doing something else, such as shaving or after you walk the dog in the morning. There are no hard and fast rules and you should use whatever works for you. But please try to keep the discipline.

Avoid too many comfort foods

When we are feeling bored or anxious, we might reach for less than healthy foods to make us feel better. Many of these will contain high levels of sugar which, as we know, is bad news for our teeth. We understand that for many people, this will be a very trying time indeed, but we encourage you to keep this to a minimum if possible. The fact is that, whatever the reason, sugar consumption is a major factor in tooth decay and should be kept well under control, and not just for the sake of our teeth.

Drink water and keep fit

Staying hydrated is beneficial for a healthy mouth. Drinking flushes away some food particles and bacteria from the mouth, helping to reduce decay and gum disease. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid high sugar drinks. Try to keep moving too. It may be tempting to ‘binge’ on TV series and films but keeping our bodies moving is important in helping to stay healthy. This includes gum infections as well as our general health. There is no need to go crazy, but try to go for a gentle walk if you can do so safely, or find a video with an exercise routine that is suitable for your age and general fitness.

Check up appointments

We are currently still open for dental appointments and will remain so unless otherwise advised by the government – we will also update the notice on the home page of the website so please check there first before attending. The AJ Dental Group encourages patients to attend for their check ups where it is safe to do so; but if you are exhibiting symptoms or suspect you may have come into contact with the virus, please do not come to the practice but ring our reception team for further advice.

The future

There will be many challenges ahead for us all in the weeks to come, but providing that official advice is followed, things should eventually return to some sort of normality and routines will re-emerge. Some of you may be concerned about your teeth if you have struggled during the restrictions, but we will be here to help you with any dental problems that may have arisen.

Patients may also wish to consider making an appointment with our hygienists when things return to normal if this is not already part of their regular dental routine. This is an excellent way to help restore your teeth and gums to health, especially after circumstances such as these.

If you need to talk to us to make an appointment or for other advice, please call our Woking dental practice on 01483 766355 (Parkside) or 01932 352333 (Waterside).

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