Continuing Our DIY Oral Care Advice For The ‘Stay At Home’ Period

Further advice for AJ Dental Group patients whilst we are closed due to Covid-19

Eating an apple with good teethIn our last blog, we offered advice to our Woking patients about what to do to help keep their teeth and gums healthy during this current ‘lockdown’. Hopefully, this advice will mean fewer dental problems will arise during this period.

As the current UK advice on social distancing now looks likely to be extended for possibly a few more weeks, it is almost inevitable that some dental issues will arise for at least a few of our patients.

Hopefully these will not fall into the ‘urgent emergency’ category but could, nonetheless, be uncomfortable until treatment becomes possible again.

Unfortunately we cannot carry out any ‘face to face’ treatments at the moment, but you can still call us for dental advice. We will possibly be able to refer you to an emergency regional dental centre but this will only be for true emergencies.

Although we generally advise against home treatment for dental problems and encourage patients to see us as soon as they can if they have a toothache etc, this is currently not possible. So to help those of you who aren’t fortunate enough to avoid problems during this time, we offer some helpful ‘treatment’ advice below.

Toothaches and sensitive teeth

Even a relatively minor toothache can be uncomfortable and will make this period feel longer that it is. There are a number of practical things that you can do to relieve it though.

Anti inflammatory tablets

These tablets can help to relieve some of the discomfort associated with a toothache and also help to reduce swellings. Most of us will have some of these at home in the form of paracetamol or ibuprofen but please be certain that they are suitable for you before taking them.

Toothpastes for sensitive teeth

There are a number of these products widely available and you should be able to find them in most supermarkets, or you can buy online if isolated at home. These work by calming the nerves in the tooth or blocking the tubules that allow access to the nerves. This will help to reduce discomfort until we are able to treat you at the AJ Dental Group again.


Chemists often stock gels that are designed to be placed upon or around the tooth and which will reduce the discomfort that you feel. Please check with the pharmacist but in most cases, you will probably be able to use this to supplement the effects of pain killers.

Salt water rinsing

Swilling a warm (but not hot) salt water solution around the mouth can be very useful. Some pain may be coming from trapped food and this can help to dislodge it. It also has anti-bacterial properties and may help to reduce swellings and infections caused by bacteria.

Broken or chipped teeth

If a tooth has broken, ideally it should be treated as soon as possible. If the breakage is significant or a tooth has been knocked out, please call us so that we can discuss it with you and offer further advice. Where a chip is relatively minor, it might cause sensitivity and some discomfort and the suggestions above may be helpful.

Urgent emergency treatment

It is probably useful to clarify what might fall into this category. If you are in any doubt, you should call us for professional advice anyway. The following are some of the examples of problems that may need urgent treatment.

  • Swelling of the face
  • Trouble with breathing or with swallowing
  • Significant pain that prevents sleep/normal functioning
  • Mouth ulcers which haven’t healed within 2 weeks
  • Pain increasing despite the treatments suggested in our blog
  • A badly damaged tooth that is causing cuts to the cheek and tongue
  • Knocked out teeth

These are just a few examples and your first step, in cases like these, should be to call us for advice. Where treatment is needed, we will instruct you what you need to do next. Despite the lack of practices open for treatments, please don’t avoid calling us if you need help. Remember, our Woking dental team is still here to help you through this difficult time and you can still call us on our usual number; 01483 766355 where your call will be redirected to our sister practice, the Synergy Clinic.

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