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Taking Care Of New Dental Implants

Advice to help our Woking patients maintain healthy and long lasting tooth replacements.

Two dental implantsDental implants are becoming widely known and more people are turning to them when they have lost teeth, rather than opting for more traditional dentures. There are many reasons for this; one being the strength and stability that implants offer, along with the fact that they can last for twenty years or more providing that they are looked after correctly.

This is an important aspect of dental implant placement. Although the procedure itself is a complex one that requires specific dental skills to carry out, much of the success is down to how the patient takes care of their implants, especially (but not exclusively) in the period shortly after the procedure.

In today’s Synergy Parkside dental practice blog, we are going to take a look at the various stages of teeth implant aftercare.

Initial aftercare

As you would expect after any invasive procedure such as this, there will be some soreness and discomfort in the area where the implant has been placed. This should be manageable through the use of your regular painkillers and should only last a short time. If you feel that any discomfort persists too long or becomes too severe, you should contact our Woking dentists as soon as possible for further advice. In the vast majority of cases, recovery is relatively straightforward, but care at this stage is very important, as it is for the duration of the osseointegration period where the implant and the bone in which it has been placed, fuse together.

Naturally, the implant is at its most vulnerable at this stage and care should be taken not to put any pressure on the new implant. This includes not touching it or poking it with your finger and not eating hard foods. In fact, for a short period, we advise liquid foods only, building up to softer, semi-solid foods such as mashed potato. Over time, you will be able to re-introduce harder foods back into your diet.

Cleaning is essential at this stage as well but you won’t be able to brush the implant with a toothbrush, and care should be taken not to ‘catch’ it when you are brushing the teeth around it. We will provide full cleaning instructions when you have your treatment, but generally, cleaning an implant means tipping, and not swilling aggressively, a warm saline solution over the area to prevent infection.

Especially at this stage, care should be taken not to do any physical activity that may have a ‘jarring’ effect. This includes activities such as jogging or jumping around, e.g. tennis or squash. It should go without saying that any contact sports should be avoided as well.

Intermediate aftercare

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Your Teeth Whitening Options In Woking

Synergy Parkside cosmetic dentist, Dr Alay Zaidi, looks at which of these might work for you

White smileWith Spring almost here and hopefully the final lockdown slowly coming to an end, it is fair to say that most of us are looking forward to a less restrictive lifestyle thanks to the successful vaccine rollout. It has been a tough year for many of us and we will want to make the most of our new freedoms, feeling as good about ourselves as we possibly can.

It is usually around this time of the year that we see a rise in interest in teeth whitening treatments at Synergy Parkside dental practice, and we expect this year to be no different. Before we discuss the popular teeth whitening treatments that we offer though, we thought we would take a look at the range of choices available to you.

Home teeth whitening

Because teeth whitening is seen as a non-invasive treatment, some people may look at ways of doing this at home. In general, this is largely unsuccessful and can even result in damage to your teeth.

Perhaps the easiest way of attempting to whiten your teeth at home is to use a toothpaste designed for this purpose. By law, these are only allowed to contain a fraction of the quantity of whitening ingredient, a form of bleach, that a dentist is. Any improvements are likely to be very minor, if at all. Some of these toothpastes also include additional abrasive ingredients designed to remove surface staining. These can also damage the protective enamel of your teeth when used incorrectly.

A word of warning here, please don’t attempt to try any of the DIY teeth whitening methods that you might find on Youtube and the like. These often include highly acidic ingredients such as lemon juice which can be very harmful to your teeth.

Scale and Polish

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Time To Consider Stopping Smoking?

With the latest lockdown hopefully coming to an end, is now a good time to quit smoking for good?

Dental check upAlthough, as the experts say, we are not out of the woods yet, there is no doubt that things are looking brighter than they have been for some time.

The easing of lockdown may be gradual, and perhaps for some a little too slow, but with the success of the vaccine rollout and the warmer weather ahead, it is hoped that this might be the final lockdown and things might start to gradually return to some sort of normality.

Some of our Woking patients may have been thinking of stopping smoking for some time but decided that the stresses and strains of lockdown meant that it wasn’t the right time for them. As things start to ease and we gradually relax a little more, now might be a good time to reassess this and make plans to quit.

Why quit at all?

There are so many good reasons to stop smoking and so few to continue. The only arguments for continuing really are that a) you like them and b) you acknowledge you are addicted. On the first point, we suspect that after you have stopped, you will wonder why you ever smoked as your taste buds return and also, there are lots of other things to like in this world that aren’t extremely harmful. On the second point, we acknowledge that this is a problem but addictions can be broken with a little help and willpower.

For those looking for good reasons to stop, there is a very long list indeed. Health reasons are one of the most popular but your finances will benefit greatly too.

Health problems include not only lung disease but also heart attacks, strokes, asthma, diabetes but also affect your oral health as well.

What effect can smoking have on your oral health?

The most significant problem that smoking can cause that is associated with oral health is oral cancer, or mouth cancer. This appears to be growing in numbers and can cause significant facial disfiguration and can even result in death. Recent figures indicate that in the last year, around 2,700 died of this in the UK.

Even if you are fortunate enough not to succumb to mouth cancer, there are still plenty of ways that smoking can damage your oral health. The most common problem that it can lead to is gum disease. Although most people that come to us with a problem do so because they have a toothache, the fact is that we also see a lot of people who have gum disease. Thankfully, most patients of Synergy Parkside keep regular appointments and therefore, this is often manageable with a scale and polish treatment. Smoking can rapidly accelerate the problem though and smokers may need to have this done more often.

Gum disease

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Dental Filling Options In Woking

Teeth damaged by decay or breakages can often be restored using fillings, but which is the right one for you?

Dental treatmentPerhaps the most well known dental treatment is the filling. Most of us will probably have had at least one or two in our lifetime. Although it is a commonly used procedure, there are different types of fillings that can be used according to each individual situation.

There are pros and cons for the use of each of these and you can be sure that our experienced Woking dentists will make sure that you have the most appropriate one to restore your teeth, leaving them as strong as possible.

Whilst there are other methods of restoring a damaged or badly decayed tooth, a filling is still most likely to be the first treatment that we will consider. In today’s blog, we take a look at four types of filling and their uses.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings have been in use for around 150 years. In some respects, it may seem incredible that it is still widely used, but it has proved to be a strong and durable material which may explain why this is the case. As you would expect, there have been refinements made over the years and indeed, early use of amalgam led to a number of illnesses due to the mercury used in it. Although this is still used in amalgam, it is now at such a low level that it has been deemed to be safe by the various professional dental bodies.

The other materials used include tin and silver and it is these metals that make it so strong. It is not without its problems though and the metals do also produce a dark colour which make the fillings very visible when we open our mouths. There is also the problem that amalgam slowly shrinks over time and may come away from the natural tooth. As it does this, it creates tiny gaps that bacteria can enter, and further tooth decay may occur.

Increasingly, both old and new patients of Synergy Parkside are turning away from amalgam and are turning to tooth coloured fillings instead.

Tooth coloured fillings

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Root Canal Surgery Explained

What to expect when you are told you need this type of treatment?

Nervous of the dentistEverybody has heard of root canal treatment, with many believing it as one of the most painful things imaginable. How truthful is this though? The fact is that millions of people have had this dental procedure and have survived to tell the tale, so surely it can’t be as bad as people make out, can it?

In today’s blog, our Woking team will explain why you might need root canal treatment, what it is and why it has the reputation that it seems to have.

Why are root canal procedures carried out?

You will only need to have this treatment when the root canals of a tooth become infected. The canals contain a soft pulp material that includes not only tiny blood vessels, but it is also where the nerves of the tooth are located. As you can imagine, once this becomes infected, it can be quite painful.

In most cases the infections will have been caused by bacteria entering this part of the tooth through a damaged or decayed part of the external enamel. This isn’t inevitable though and is yet another reason to contact your Synergy Parkside dentist for an appointment if you have even a minor toothache. This may signal that you have a small cavity which may be filled with a simple filling. If this is ignored, the bacteria can soon find its way to the root canals and you will then likely need to have this treatment.

It should be noted that it isn’t just decay that can allow this to happen. Any compromising of the enamel, including cracks or chips, can lead to this. Make sure that you have your teeth checked regularly so that any problems can be detected and treated as soon as possible.

What happens during a root canal procedure?

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Thinking Of Having Dental Implants?

Woking implant dentist, Dr Andrew Gough, explains why this tooth replacement method is growing in popularity

Single front dental implantIt’s a new year and most of us, including all of us at Synergy Parkside, will be hoping that it will be a far better one than the one that has just passed.

2021 does promise some eventual relief from the virus which has restricted our lives and caused numerous tragedies across the world.

During this time, many of us will also have been working from home for much of this time and one benefit of this is that some of us may find that we have saved quite a bit of money as we have had limited opportunities to spend it.

No doubt, as we come out of this situation, some of this ‘spare’ money will be spent on clothes, holidays etc, but it could also provide a great opportunity to have dental implants placed at your Woking dental clinic to replace any missing teeth that you have.

Denture problems

A common solution to missing teeth are dentures, and whilst some people seem quite happy with them, it is fair to say that many are not. Although dentures look more natural than they used to do, they can cause a few problems for some people who wear them. Because dentures only replace the crown section of the tooth, and not the root, they compromise on stability and this can cause them to move around in the mouth to some degree. The issues caused by this can range from mild annoyance and perhaps some soreness of the gums as they move around, to embarrassing moments during conversation as they fall out or cause speech issues.

Eating can also be problematic and many denture wearers find that they avoid foods that are more difficult to chew or become stuck to their dentures and cause problems. This is especially likely if you are eating out with friends or business colleagues and can be quite embarrassing.

Dental bridges

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Oral Health New Year Resolutions

Woking dentist, Jaymish Patel, offer some suggestions for 2021

Dentist in surgeryFew of us will be sorry to see the end of this year and will be hoping for a more positive 2021. There are still some challenges ahead for sure, whether that be Brexit or new variants of the C-19 virus. There is hope though, and the roll out of vaccines will hopefully start to speed up in the new year and allow us to start planning for a new start not too far into the  year.

For those of us who make New Year resolutions, it might seem an odd year to be doing so, but there are some resolutions that are always worth making.

One of these is to make sure that you look after your teeth better in the new year. There is always room for improvement in the way that we do this and unhealthy teeth and gums can have a negative impact on our daily lives.

With this in mind, here are a few possible resolutions you might like to make, put forward by some of the Synergy Parkside dentists.

Refreshing your tooth care kit

A new year, a new toothbrush; that is unless you have bought one very recently. Many of us use brushes which have long gone past the point where they are effective at removing bacteria and debris from our teeth and gums.  In fact, you should change your brush (or head of an electric) at least every three months. Use the start of the new year to refresh this and perhaps, if you don’t already possess one, treat yourself to an electric toothbrush in the January sales. Most dentists agree that these are more effective. You might also wish to look at changing your toothpaste if you usually buy yours out of habit. Some particularly target gum disease for example, and could help you to avoid gingivitis if you use it.

Give up smoking

New year is a time when smokers traditionally pledge to stop. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always last long and they soon start smoking again. Not only is smoking very harmful to your oral health, being a major contributor to gum disease and mouth cancers, but can be a very difficult habit to break too. Use the festive break to research some local support groups to help you with this. You may find that this will help you to stop smoking permanently.

Cutting down on alcohol

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Neglecting Your Gum Health? There Could Be Trouble Ahead….

Woking dental hygienist, Shamini Ravichandra, explains why you should look after your gum health

gum diseaseIt is probably fair to say that when people think about common dental problems, they tend to think of tooth decay, and, for the more nervous amongst you perhaps, root canal treatment. If asked this question, few are likely to say gum disease; yet gum disease is a serious and common oral health issue that sometimes gets ignored.

The reality is that gum disease, and especially as it reaches the more advanced stage known as periodontitis, can cause a lot of damage and can easily lead to tooth loss if not treated in time. There are also an increasing number of reports available that link gum disease with other general medical health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even Covid 19 ( ).

Given the seriousness of this issue, it is important for patients of Synergy Parkside to understand more about the possible symptoms of gum disease as well as how to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Gingivitis symptoms

It is worth noting that not all cases of gum disease necessarily show obvious symptoms. This is one of the many good reasons why you should see your dental hygienist and Woking dentist on a regular basis, but more on that later.

There are a number of symptoms that are common when gingivitis is present. These include:

  • Red and/or swollen gums
  • Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Gums that are tender and sensitive
  • Receding gums
  • Bad breath

Not all of these need to be noticeable for the condition to be present, and as gingivitis is an earlier stage of gum disease, it is essential that you don’t ignore it and seek treatment straight away. Although gingivitis is best prevented, it can usually be managed and often reversed with treatment and an improvement in your home oral care.

Periodontitis symptoms

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2021 – A Year For Optimism And A Brand New Smile?

We’re all hoping for a better year ahead. Why not start yours with a smile makeover from our Woking dentists?

Dentist examines patientWithout a doubt, for many of us 2020 will have been the worst year in our memory. Much has been written about the Covid-19 pandemic and little of it has been positive. Some, tragically, have lost their lives and this will have affected those around them. For others, jobs may have been lost and our mental health may have been put under pressure like never before.

It is important though, that we continue to look to the future and imagine our lives post Covid. Things may never return fully to what we considered ‘normal’ before, but hopefully, by the middle of next year, we will start to be able to do some of those things that we previously took for granted such as holidays abroad and even simply meeting up with friends.

For many of us 2020 has been, at best, a ‘holding’ year, so perhaps it now makes sense to start to look to the new year with a sense of renewal?

Image improvements

It almost feels like being a bear coming out of winter hibernation and many of us won’t have bothered buying new winter clothes as we are spending so much time indoors. However, some of us have probably started to think about what we might buy for the spring and summer. These things can be decided on closer to the time, but other self improvements may take a little more time to achieve and pre-planning them now is a good idea.

This is particularly relevant for those of our Synergy dentist Woking patients who may be considering a smile makeover. Whilst some cosmetic dental treatments produce almost immediate improvements, others might take a little longer to achieve the desired results.

Getting the basics right

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Will The Second Lockdown Affect Our Woking Patients?

Dental care availability at our Surrey practice

Dentist Jaymish PatelA week ago today, the country entered its second lockdown to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We all hoped that it wouldn’t come to this but it became clear that something quite drastic needed to be done as numbers started to rise exponentially. This will be a worrying time for many businesses, despite financial help from the government. Whilst some business closures might be frustrating for their customers, the first lockdown showed that it could have even more serious consequences.

During the first lockdown, all practices were made to close, including our own Synergy Woking dentist. Across the country, some people struggled to get emergency dental treatment and many had to manage by using painkillers for a few months. It is fair to say that the oral health of the nation probably deteriorated during this time as routine check ups were not allowed and minor problems were unable to be treated. Inevitably some problems would have worsened over time.

Second lockdown

Thankfully, there are differences this time around and a number of essential businesses are being allowed to open. This includes dental practices such as ours. This will come as a relief to both dentists and their patients across the country.

Most dentists are still working through a backlog of cancelled appointments from the first lockdown and are having to prioritise emergency cases over routine appointments. This will inevitably mean that some oral issues go undetected until they cause discomfort. We are all doing our best to reduce the backlog in these difficult times and we ask our patients to please bear with us whilst we do.

What services are available?

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